Dispositif de protection cathodique des conduites flexibles

Cathodic protection unit, for subsea flexible pipe, comprises anode located remotely from pipe terminations, with connections to reinforcing wires in pipe


The anode (14) is located in an intermediate zone (40) of the flexible pipe, remote from the ends. The connector joins the anode to the metal wire(s) in this zone. Preferred features: The layer of reinforcement connected to the anode is next to the external plastic sealing sheath. The flexible pipe has several reinforcing layers, where the anode is connected electrically to at least one metal wire in each layer. A transverse metal rod makes the connection. The anode is connected to a collar clamped around the flexible pipe. This includes the rod. Several bolts spaced regularly around the periphery of the pipe are used to make connection. Connection of each to the wires is completed by brazing, welding or electrically-conductive adhesion. Screwed tappings are included in the layer of reinforcement to accept the bolts. The reinforcing layers may be separated by layers of electrical insulation, in which case the connection between anode and the innermost layer is below the last insulating layer. Connection is made with each reinforcing layer passed through. An anode is mounted in the intermediate zone, fixed to a support collar. The connection between anode and reinforcement is made through a second connecting collar, close to the first.
<P>Dispositif de protection cathodique des conduites flexibles.La conduite flexible comprend une gaine plastique d'étanchéité et une gaine plastique interne qui délimitent un espace annulaire dans lequel sont disposés des éléments structurels comportant au moins une nappe d'armures constituée de fils métalliques enroulés hélicoïdalement à pas long, un embout de connexion (12, 13) étant monté à chaque extrémité de ladite conduite flexible (1), le dispositif (14) comprenant au moins une anode externe électriquement reliée par des moyens de liaison à ladite nappe d'armures, et il est caractérisé en ce que l'anode est disposée dans une zone intermédiaire (40) de la conduite flexible (1) distale desdits embouts, les moyens de liaison reliant l'anode à au moins un des fils métalliques dans ladite zone intermédiaire.Applications notamment aux conduites flexibles de grande longueur et reposant sur le fond marin.</P>




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