Lampe pour vehicule, notamment pour phare

Headlight casing with secured wiring, for automobiles, has exterior wiring runs kept in place by integrally moulded post, hook and clip


L'invention concerne une lampe pour véhicule.Elle se rapporte à une lampe qui comprend une ampoule (20C, 20D) de source lumineuse, un corps (12) de lampe ayant une partie de paroi arrière qui a une ouverture et une paroi annulaire (12c), un couvercle arrière (16) fixé à la paroi annulaire (12c), un cordon (18C, 18D) d'alimentation passant au voisinage de la paroi annulaire (12c) et se raccordant à l'ampoule (20C, 20D), et une structure de retenue de cordon dépassant de la partie de paroi arrière du corps (12), la structure de retenue coopérant avec le cordon (18C, 18D) d'alimentation, et comprenant un bossage (12d) dépassant de la partie de paroi arrière du corps (12) de lampe, et un crochet (12e) qui a une forme en L retourné dont l'extrémité est dirigée vers la paroi annulaire (12c).Application aux véhicules automobiles.
The headlight (1) typically provides chambered accommodation for main beam (14a) and dipped beam (14b) headlights, a sidelight (14c) and a direction indicator (14d), enclosed in a casing (12), whose rear surface (12a) has a circular opening (12b), behind the dipped beam chamber (14b). This is surrounded by a cylindrical wall (12c), on which is secured, by rotation, a circular cover (16). The cover's raised center is stiffened by integrally moulded webs (16b,16c) one of which (16c) extends over a short tongue (16a), projecting radially. Lamp-holder wiring for the two lesser chambers (14c,14d) originates in two connectors (22C,22D), fixed low down on the casing rear, whence it runs in a protective tube (24) between the main aperture wall (12c) and a post (12d), a truncated cone moulded on the casing. Some wiring (18D) then branches off to the lower chamber lamp-holder (20D), while the rest (18C), destined for the upper lamp-holder (20C), enters a second protective tube (26), which is bent round a moulded projecting hook (12e), then secured in a clip (12f), also integrally moulded. Opt., post and hook are replaced by an upstanding partition, parallel to the aperture wall, notched for the exit of the lower wiring branch. In both cases, the aperture cover tongue helps trap the wiring.




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