Piezoelectric actuator and piezoelectric motor, robot hand, and pump including such actuator

Actionneur piézoélectrique, et moteur piézoélectrique, main de robot et pompe comportant un tel actionneur

Piezoelektrischer aktor sowie piezoelektrischer motor, roboterhand und pumpe mit einem solchen aktor


A piezoelectric actuator (1) includes a first piezoelectric vibrator (10a) adapted to output a first signal when being excited by a periodic drive signal, a second piezoelectric vibrator (10b) adapted to output a second signal when being driven by said drive signal, a signal combining part (30) adapted to delay the phase of the second signal and to output a composite signal by combining the delayed second signal with the first signal, and a drive state determination part (41) adapted to determine respective drive states of the first and second vibrators (10b) based on said composite signal. Preferably, a piezoelectric motor comprises n≥2 identical vibrators (10) and a signal combiner (30) having n-1 identical time delay units (31) to combine n delayed detection signals for controlling a single drive circuit (20).




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