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Kupplung im antriebsstrang eines fahrzeugs

Vehicle driveline coupling


A vehicle driveline coupling for coupling a drive component to a splined drive shaft, the coupling has a primary hub connected for co-rotation with the driveline component and having a first spline connection for engaging splines on the drive shaft and a secondary hub mounted co-axially with the primary hub and having a second spline connection for engaging the splines on the drive shaft. Spring means are provided for generating a rotational torque bias between the two hubs about their co-axial axis so that the two spline connections are not aligned and cannot initially both be mounted on the drive shaft splines, and setting means acting between the hubs to rotate the hubs relative to each other against the torque bias to increase the bias and align the spline connections to allow both hubs to be mounted on the drive shaft splines. Release of the setting means after the hubs are both mounted on the drive shaft splines allowing the spring means to bias the hubs rotationally away from each other so that the first spline connection is in drive transmitting contact with the drive shaft splines and this contact is maintained, thus eliminating spline rattle, unless an overrunning torque in excess of the bias torque is transmitted through the drive shaft.




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