Système d'auto-enregistrement pour produits

Self-registration system for products

Selbstregistrierungssystem für produkte


A non-transitory computer readable medium includes a program that is executable in a product registration server to cause the product registration server to perform a method of carrying out product registration. The method includes the steps of generating a product registration file associated with a customer ID, comparing non-acceptable ingredient IDs included in a customer record with ingredient IDs included in an ingredient record associated with a product ID, and responsive to a command to complete the product registration, transmitting data in a registered product list, and not data in a registration pending list, to a point-of-sale (POS) terminal. The registered product list includes product IDs of products having no ingredients identified by any of the non-acceptable ingredient IDs, and the registration pending list includes product IDs of products having at least one ingredient identified by one or more of the non-acceptable ingredient IDs.




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