Airfoil and method of cooling

Profil d'aube et procédé de refroidissement

Schaufelprofil und kühlverfahren


An airfoil (21) for use in a gas turbine engine (10) is provided. The airfoil having: a pressure surface (52) and a suction surface (54) each extending axially from a leading edge (44) to a trailing edge (46) of the airfoil, at least one of the pressure surface, the suction surface, the leading edge and the trailing edge terminating at an edge (65; 80; 88; 96) of a tip section of the airfoil; a plurality of internal cooling conduits (60) located within the airfoil; and at least one cooling hole (62; 76; 86; 92) in fluid communication with at least one of the plurality of internal cooling channels, wherein the at least one cooling hole is aligned with an opening or diffuser (70; 78; 90; 94) that extends directly from the at least one cooling hole and wherein the opening or diffuser is formed in and extends through the edge of the tip section of the airfoil.




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