Ethylenpolymere mit hoher dichte

Ethylene polymers having high density

Polymères d'éthylène ayant une densité élevée


The present invention relates to an ethylene polymer comprising moieties according to formula 1: wherein R is a moiety comprising ≥1 and ≤10 carbon atoms; wherein • the ethylene polymer has a molecular weight distribution of ≥ 3.0 and ≤13.0; • the ethylene polymer has a melting temperature of ≥ 115 °C; • the ethylene polymer has a density ≥ 935 and ≤ 960 kg/m 3 ; • the ethylene polymer is essentially free from chromium, hafnium, zirconium and tetrahydrofuran; • for the fraction of the ethylene polymer having a molecular weight > 100 kg/mol, the intrinsic viscosity of the ethylene polymer is related to the molecular weight according to the inequality: Such polymers have high density, high purity and good processability, whilst maintaining barrier properties for oxygen and water vapour at a level similar to high-density polyethylenes produced via catalytic processes.




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