Appareil électronique, appareil de réveil pour activer un appareil électronique, système de réveil et son procédé de commande

Elektronische vorrichtung, aufweckvorrichtung zum einschalten einer elektronischen vorrichtung, aufwecksystem und steuerungsverfahren dafür

Electronic apparatus, wake-up apparatus for turning on electronic apparatus, wake-up system, and control method thereof


An electronic apparatus (100) includes a communicator (110) configured to communicate with a wake-up apparatus (200) to turn on the electronic apparatus (100), and to be supplied with regular power even when the electronic apparatus (100) is turned off, and a processor (120) configured to be turned on based on a random nonce value included in a received wake-up packet when the electronic apparatus (100) is turned off and to exchange a new random nonce value, which is to be used in response to the electronic apparatus (100) being turned on a second time by the wake-up apparatus (200), with the wake-up apparatus.




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