Appareil de traitement de tissus et procédé de traitement de tissu adipeux

Tissue processing apparatus and method for processing adipose tissue

Gewebeverarbeitungsvorrichtung und verfahren zur verarbeitung von fettgewebe


A portable apparatus useful for collection and processing of human biological material containing adipose, such as extracted during a lipoplasty procedure to prepare a concentrated product (e.g., stromal vascular fraction) or a fat graft composition. The apparatus has a container with a containment volume with a tissue retention volume and a filtrate volume separated by a filter and with a tapered portion to a collection volume for collecting concentrate product. Inlet and suction ports provide access to the tissue retention volume and filtrate volume, respectively, and an extraction port provides versatile access for removal of target processed concentrate material or fat graft material, which access may be via a lumen through a rotatable mixer shaft. Access ports may be configured for access only from above the container. The apparatus may include a tissue collector disposed in the disuse retention volume to engage and collect collagen or other stringy tissue. A method of processing adipose tissue to concentrate leuko stromal vascular cells includes multi-step processing using a portable container.




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