Method and device to protect software code against fault attack

Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Schutz von Softwarecodes gegen Fehlerangriffe

Procédé et dispositif pour protéger un code logiciel contre des attaques de panne


The present invention relates to the domain of software protection and more particularly to a device and a method for rendering software tamper-proof, thus ensuring the dynamic integrity of a piece of software. It is proposed a method to produce a software code protected against fault attack executed in a microprocessor, said code comprising at least a first and a second function, each of which comprising a set of instructions, characterized in that, the set instructions of the first and the second function is divided into subsets of instructions, the subsets of the first function being interleaved with the subsets of the second function resulting in a fourth function such that the execution instructions of the first and second function is carried out in an alternate manner.




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