Induktive Drehzahlsensoren

Inductive rotational speed sensors

Capteurs inductifs de vitesse de rotation


An inductive rotational speed sensor assembly (100) includes a first PCB (10) with a transmitter coil (12) configured to convert an alternating electrical input into an alternating magnetic field. A second PCB (20) is operatively connected to the first PCB for relative rotation and includes a resonance coil (25; 25, 25A) in combination with a capacitor configured to couple to the alternating magnetic field of the first PCB to output a modulating position signal. The first PCB includes a receiver coil (15; 15, 15A) configured to receive the first and the modulating position signal and to output a signal indicative of rotational speed of the second PCB relative to the first PCB, derived from the frequency or time separation between pulses in the received signal indicating a high coupling between transmitter and receiver coil.




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