Dispositif électroluminescent et son procédé de fabrication

Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same

Lichtemittierende Vorrichtung und Verfahren zu deren Herstellung


Provided is a light emitting device with improved light extracting efficiency and further higher heat releasing performance. A light emitting device includes a planar lead frame (2) having a first lead (11) and a second lead (12), and includes a light emitting element (4) mounted on the first lead (11), a resin frame (3) surrounding a periphery of the light emitting element (4), a first sealing resin (5) filled in the inner side of the resin frame (3) and sealing the light emitting element (4), and a second sealing resin (6) covering the resin frame (3) and the first sealing resin (5). Lower end of inner surface (20) of the resin frame (3) is arranged only on the first lead (11), and at an outside of the resin frame, the second resin (6) covers at least a part of the first lead (11) and the second lead (12). The back-surface of the first lead (11), a region directly under the light emitting element is exposed.




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