Dispositif de traitement d'image, dispositif de suivi d'objet, et procédé de traitement d'image

Image processing device, object tracking device, and image processing method

Bildverarbeitungsvorrichtung, objektverfolgungsvorrichtung und bildverarbeitungsverfahren


An edge extracting unit 66 of a contour image generator 22 generates an edge image of an input image 62 using an edge extraction filter, etc. A foreground processing unit 68 extracts the foreground from the input image 62 using a background image 64 and expands the foreground to generate an expanded foreground image. The foreground processing unit 68 further generates a foreground boundary image constructed of the boundary of the expanded foreground region. A mask unit 70 masks the edge image using the expanded foreground image to eliminate edges in the background. A synthesis unit 72 synthesizes the masked edge image and the foreground boundary image to generate a contour image.




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