Moving picture stream generation apparatus, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture multiplexing apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus

appareil de générationde flux de flux d'images animees, appareil de codage d'images animees, appareil de multiplexage d'images animees et appareil de decodage d'images animees

Stream-Erzeugungsvorrichtung für bewegliche Bilder, Kodierungsvorrichtung für bewegliche Bilder, Multiplex-Vorrichtung für bewegliche Bilder und Decodierungsvorrichtung für bewegliche Bilder


To provide a moving picture stream generation apparatus and the like that generates a moving picture stream that can be played back in trick-play such as variable-speed playback and reverse playback even in a coding format such as the MPEG-4 AVC in which flexible prediction structures are allowed. A moving picture stream generation apparatus includes: a trick-play information generation unit TricPlay for generating supplemental information on a random access unit basis, the supplemental information being referred to at the time of playback of each random access unit and each random access unit including one or more pictures; and a variable length coding unit VLC for generating a stream including the generated supplemental information and the one or more pictures by adding the supplemental information to each corresponding random access unit. At the top of each random access unit, an intra coded picture that can be decoded without depending on any picture is placed, and the supplemental information includes information for specifying pictures to be decoded at the time when pictures included in each random access unit are played back in trick-play.




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