Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Lumineszenzmessung

Method and device for measuring luminescence

Procédé et dispositif destinés à la mesure de la luminescence


Verfahren zur Anregung und Bestimmung einer Lumineszenz in einer Analytprobe (3), die sich mit der weiterleitenden Schicht eines optischen Schichtwellenleiters (15) in Kontakt befindet, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass man die Lumineszenz (5) durch nicht-evaneszente Anregung (9) im Volumen der Analytprobe erzeugt, und die im Nahbereich der Oberfläche der wellenleitenden Schicht erzeugte Lumineszenzstrahlung nach dem Eindringen in besagte wellenleitende Schicht zu der Messvorrichtung (12) leitet und bestimmt.
For the analysis of a sample (3), where it is excited and its luminescence is measured, the sample is in contact with an optical wave-guide layer (8). The luminescence is generated through non-evanescent excitation (5) within the vol. of the sample. The generated luminescence, directly near the wave-guide layer surface, is led (6) to the measurement system (12), and determined according to the penetration depth in the wave-guide layer. The luminescent radiation is developed by electrical, chemical or optical ray excitation. The wave-guide layer is a flat wave conductor, with couplings for the luminescent light. A sensor platform is used, with a single- or twin-dimensional array of at least two wave-guides with a number of diffractive couplings for the luminescent light radiation. The sample for analysis is in front of a coupling or between several couplings. The sensor platform is covered by a further layer, with recesses to hold the sample near the luminescent light. The excitation radiation is directed at the sample from the opposite side of the wave-guide layer through a flat wave-guide. An independent claim is included for an appts. with an optical wave-guide layer (8) with a transparent carrier and a wave-guide layer. The sample (3) is in contact with the wave-guide layer. An electrical or optical energy source is deployed so that the electrodes of the electrical energy source are in direct contact with the sample. Or the excitation radiation of the optical energy source is aligned at an angle or at right angles directly to the sample. An opto-electronic detection unit (12) measures the luminescence generated by an electrical field or excitation radiation. Preferred Features: The recesses for the sample, or the sample recess linked by feed and extraction channels, have a depth equal to the penetration of the evanescent field of the luminescent light in the wave-guide. The layer is of a material which is transparent, at least at the sample laying surface, for at least the penetration depth of the evanescent field of the luminescent light in the wave-guide. The light couplings are wholly covered by the layer material, at least where they couple with the luminescent radiation.




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