Farbkasten für eine Druckmaschine

Ink fountain apparatus for printing press

Encrier pour une machine à imprimer


An ink fountain (5) apparatus for a printing press includes an ink fountain roller (2), bottom plate (3), ink fountain, and scraping member. The ink fountain roller is supported rotatably. The bottom plate is arranged at such a position that its distal end portion is close to the ink fountain roller. The ink fountain has a pair of ink dams. The ink dams are arranged in a direction substantially perpendicular to the bottom plate, and oppose each other in an axial direction of the ink fountain roller. Each of the ink dams includes an elastic member (10) and first and second urging members (11,12). The elastic member abuts against an outer surface of the ink fountain roller and the bottom plate. The first and second urging members urge the elastic member toward the outer surface of the ink fountain roller and the bottom plate. The scraping member (32) is arranged more downstream of an opposed position, where the ink fountain roller opposes a downstream roller, in a rotational direction of the ink fountain roller, and serves to return ink attaching to the ink fountain roller into the ink fountain.




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