Improved moulding tool and method

Outil pour mouler et procédé

Formwerkzeug und Verfahren


A coating and method of depositing it is provided. The wear resistant coating comprises a thin layer of disordered boron and carbon applied to a substrate. The coating has good adherence and provides good resistance to wear so that it is useful as a tool coating. In a more specific embodiment, the coating is disordered boron carbide. The coating can be made by sputtering boron and carbon onto a substrate. A bias voltage may be applied to the substrate during sputtering. The disordered boron and carbon coating can have a composition B x C 1-x where x is from about 0.60 to about 0.90. An improved molding tool (10) is provided that includes a disordered carbon coating on at least a portion of the working surface of the molding tool (10). The coating provides im- . proved release characteristics, longer tool life and results in molded articles having smoother finishes and improved detail.




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